Convert your website to a mobile app.

You can convert your website to an Android App with ease

We use the latest technology to convert your website’s mobile view to an Android App

What you will enjoy


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Convert Website to

We use the latest technology to convert your website to an Android APK

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Host my App on Google
Playstore (optional)

After converting your app to an Android APK, we will host it on Google Play Store

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Add Notification to my
App (optional)

We can assist you in adding push notification to your mobile app

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Getting started

  1. Select a plan above and subscribe.
  2. You will be redirected to fill a form about your website.
  3. Select a method you want us to contact you. Either by phone call, email or SMS.
  4. Complete your payment.
  5. When we acknowledge your payment, our Technical Support Team will contact you.
  6. Your website will be converted to an Android APK file and sent to your email address.
  7. If you subscribed to “Hosting on Google Play Store”, we will upload your APK file on Google Play Store. It takes 7 to 15 days for your app to be ready for installation on Google Play Store
  8. Then you become one of our happy clients.
  9. Finally, we send you a guide on how to use your app.

Frequently asked questions

Any type of website can be converted to an Android app.

We convert any kind of website to an Android app

You only need your website to be mobile responsive, that is, to be viewable while using a mobile phone.

The good news is that, anytime you change your website’s  mobile view, your app will be automatically updated.

Yes, if only you subscribe for it to be hosted on Google Play Store

If you only subscribe for the APK conversion, there will be no need for renewal.

But if you subscribe for your app to be hosted on Google Play Store, you have to renew every year, which costs ($25 / N10,000).

The good news is that, when you add ads to your website, it will automatically show on your mobile app.

If you subscribe for the notification feature, it will be added to your mobile app.

We currently don’t support IOS Apps, but in the future, we will include it to our services.

Yes, we do.

We design and develop websites for businesses

If you are having payment issues, kindly contact us via the contact us menu bar or email us at [email protected]

We are sorry to inform you that, all payments on our platform are non-refundable

Our websites are well optimized for all devices. Contact Us